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A European initiative to help your business grow by working with women like you

In 2009 we launched our unique women's business programmes across Europe. Partners from the UK, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria helped to change the way women sustain and grow their businesses and made a real difference to their lives. We have been funded for a second time by the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme to continue our development of business support programmes for women just like you.

We will offer you support in making the decision about whether business is for you and we will guide you every step of the way if you decide that it is.

If you already run a business we will be there to help you to sustain your enterprise and to grow it if that is what you feel is right for you.

We will help you to understand how to finance your business successfully and to manage your growth at the pace which you decide.

In the coming months we will be adding new sections and new resources to our site. Please visit us, talk to us and make us your home for business support from women just like you.

Welcome to our community.

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